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    A'RCOPEDICO is a trademark of Ropar SA Company, based in Vila do Conde, Portugal.

    Since 1966 achieving thousands of consumers worldwide with a universal language: THE COMFORT .

    Design and production of ergonomic shoes certified with SGQ - ISO9001 / 2015 quality guarantee which remains the the character of traditional production with excellent work hand, combined with modern technological equipment. The brand is currently represented in 40 countries on the five continents, where the word “avanguard” has always led the Group’s history.

    The Mission of ARCOPEDICO there is always a step forward in history.

  • CalzaFarma


    Our experience advances us as one of the best manufacturers of extra comfortable shoes, with features that make them really special and that we are sure that once you have tried them you won’t want to wear another shoe other than Calzafarma.

    All products in our catalogue are prepared with mimo and the artisanal formthe hand-cutting and careful selection of skin used for cuts and fores, united to the various floors employed in our shoes, consigu a subjection, flexibility and softness difficult to overcome.

  • Calzamedi


    Calzamedi it is a prestigious brand with more than 15 years of experience in the manufacturing of therapeutic shoes that manufactures all its products always with the most innovative techniques and the materials of best quality, resulting in a comfortable, robust and flexible shoe that will take care of every step of our feet.

  • Clement Salus

    Clement Salus

    Anatomic, ortopedic and custom shoes.Own manufacturing. Clement Salusadapting to the requirements of the market, we put at the disposal of our customers a prepared and custom shoe department.

  • Codeor


    codeorand this is the shoe for professionals they know how to take care. Innovation of materials, ergonomics of designs and the quality of manufacturing they have one goal: their comfort.

  • Dian


    DianSymbol of Comfort, Design and Health

    BY DIAN it is one the leading company in the manufacturing sector of work shoesespecially those related to shoes of type healthcareof security and of hostelThe.With over 30 years of experience, Dian he managed to alcan excellent product qualitythis makes life easier for the worker.

    The comfort and the comfort in the workplace are the main objectives of DIAN, without forgetting the security risk work and the adaptability different anatomy.Dian offers solutions for everyone.

  • Doctor Cutillas

    Doctor Cutillas

    Specialist in comfort shoes.A wide catalogue of shoes with wide hormas, very suitable for people with special needs, juanets, fingers in garra, arthropathy, inflammation, etc. with a very competitive quality/price ratio.

  • DUNA


    Duna was established thanks to an intuition of Franco Rosiglioni, the company’s president today.It has its industrial plant in Falconara Marittima and, from always, looks to innovation and the search for quality with a production that offers the best solutions for each type of problem, combining a great functional efficiency with the care for aesthetics.

  • ENE


    New brand of ultralight sports designed in Spain of the hand De INDIS CALZADO in which they reflect a casual sport line with all the guarantee of experience and quality that advocate their more than 15 years in the shoe world.



    Essential Shoes is a shoe that brings together all the comfort measures for the feet of our patients.It is intended to help relieve certain problems such as juanets, fingers in garra, fingers in martel, metatarsal overloads, etc., so this shoe can be a product for starting a treatment with or without plantary ortesis.Its main characteristics are:

    Plants with Lavender

    Good adjustment

    It favors the propulsive period

    Good distribution of charges


    First quality

    Facilitates digital deployment


  • mabel shoes

    mabel shoes


    Mabel Shoes is defined as a young company with extensive experience in the manufacturing of special shoes for children or adults.They manufacture, on the one hand, special shoes for children, which offers the possibility of incorporating templates and all kinds of corrective horms such as neutral, anti-varus, and horms to introduce the type anti-equino ortesis.On the other hand, they also create high quality lady and gentleman shoes.

    All your products are designed to meet one purpose: to improve the comfort of your shoes to relieve the feet of your customers.Thus, they use materials of maximum quality, in addition to adapting the most current and innovative designs to their shoes.

    For them, their customers are their source of inspiration, as they learn and improve their products with the aim of developing future models that greaterly meet their goals.

  • Mendivil


    Therapeutic shoes.

    Mendivil it is a company dedicated to foot health through the manufacturing of therapeutic shoes.

    It was founded in 1935 as a family business near Bilbao.in 1968 the firm moved to Villena, a city with a powerful shoe industry.In the 1970s, thanks to the close collaboration with the Podological sector, Mendivil it specializes in the manufacturing of ortopedic shoes, and in the 1980s it experiences a great growth in parallel to the great development of ortopedias in Spain.In 1990 it begins its internationalization and in the last 20 years it has incorporated innovative CAD/CAM manufacturing systems and efficient “lean manufacturing” production processes that have allowed to shorten the manufacturing times and customize the product.Thanks to this, we can position it as one of the international reference therapeutic shoe companies.

  • Nursingcare®


    Nursingcareand it is a Portuguese brand belonging to the company Nursingshoes, founded in 2003, and concerns the health and comfort of your feet.


    They have extensive experience in health and shoe areas.They dissolve anatomical products, with a long duration, comfortable and approved by specialists.

    They have a wide range of items to meet your needs.All products are manufactured in the European Union.

    Their objectives are:

    Ensure the satisfaction of the needs of your customers.

    Create complete and suitable solutions at attractive prices.

    Continuous training of the team.

    - Run all the shoe range with maximum quality and efficiency, ensuring the sustainability and viability of the process.


  • Orthofeet


    American Orthopedic Shoe

  • Pinoso`s


    Shoes with wide horms.The Pinoso’s Diabetic Line offers removable viscolatex templates, which adapt to the form of the plant softening pressure points and giving unparalleled comfort.In addition, their round bricks and protected internal costures, help to avoid any type of injury and give space for the free movement of the fingers.Adjust, comfort and health in the same shoe made in Spain.

  • Podoortosis




    40 years of history in the PODO-ORTOSIS company, serving the world of ortopedia and podology.

  • Propét


    Propét, since 1985 bet on design, quality, experience, style and comfort.
    https://calzadoparapiesespeciales.es/gb/ has waged from its beginnings for this great shoe brand with a sports character and that takes care of the health of the most demanding.

    Over the years, Propét he has gone incorporating new designs and creating a style that makes them completely different.A wide collection of casual and sports shoes, for lady and riddle with some benefits that make it unique.Enjoy a long walk or your favourite sport, it is possible even though you present some kind of podological problem whether you need to use ortopedic templates, or have the wider foot than usual, fingers in garra, juanets, diabetes, fascitis plantar etc.

    The brand presents a wide variety for each type of foot with a design, which today makes it unique in the international market.

    All of its models have removable templates, special widths and large sizes.

    Diversity, an extensive range of colors, comfort, elegance, the latest in technology...all this and much more you can find it in your own PropétThe.A great family distributed around the world that calzadoparapiespeciales.es offers you to be part of it.

  • RE_EVO


    RE_EVO® is a sustainable shoe made with reused materials, to which a second opportunity has been granted.Our project is born with the strong commitment to generate the minimum impact on the planet and people.

  • Saguy's Comfort

    Saguy's Comfort

    It is a shoe section Saguy's Comfort it is characterized by its design and calce.The variety of models, widths and floors makes a very versatile and practical line that makes it possible to get to forget the shoes and enjoy being able to feel the well-being of the foot in every step.

  • Saguy´s Profesional

    Saguy´s Profesional

    Saguy’s is a brand specializing in comfort shoes, hostel shoes and professional sector.

    In the manufacturing of each Saguy’s model, three fundamental pillars are taken into account:

    Make a comfortable and solid shoe at the same time.

    It carries an interior template that amortifies the impact of each step.

    Avoid foot heating and absorption of humidity.

    The brand, acquired by Ortomediplus at the end of 2018, is in continuous collaboration with the Institute of Biomecánica of Valencia (IBM) betting for research and development.Through INESCOP it carries out external quality controls that guarantee the quality of its products, resulting in an innovation and quality shoe that meets all the conditions the foot needs.

    Thro años the years, the Saguy’s brand has been introducing in the hostel and health sector and has addressed the needs that these professionals have been transmitting, achieving to be today considered as one of the best brands of professional shoes and comfort.

  • Senza Confort by Phv

    Senza Confort by Phv

    Sports and therapeutic shoes for rest.

    The sports shoe line, is a recognized company in the creation and manufacturing of sports shoes, with more than 25 years of experience in this field, to offer the maximum comfort on the foot for your feet.

  • Sweden Klë

    Sweden Klë

    Experts in sports and functional and modern shoes for both lady and rider.

    For our catalog we take the models with balancine soil that this brand offers.

  • Tovipié / Blandipié

    Tovipié / Blandipié

    The company is dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of ortopedic and postoperative products, which manufactures indicated shoes for all kinds of injury on the feet, with special widths, suitable for juanets, fingers in garra, diabetic people, etc., from the Blandipié brand.