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List of products by brand Saguy´s Profesional

Saguy’s is a brand specializing in comfort shoes, hostel shoes and professional sector.

In the manufacturing of each Saguy’s model, three fundamental pillars are taken into account:

Make a comfortable and solid shoe at the same time.

It carries an interior template that amortifies the impact of each step.

Avoid foot heating and absorption of humidity.

The brand, acquired by Ortomediplus at the end of 2018, is in continuous collaboration with the Institute of Biomecánica of Valencia (IBM) betting for research and development.Through INESCOP it carries out external quality controls that guarantee the quality of its products, resulting in an innovation and quality shoe that meets all the conditions the foot needs.

Thro años the years, the Saguy’s brand has been introducing in the hostel and health sector and has addressed the needs that these professionals have been transmitting, achieving to be today considered as one of the best brands of professional shoes and comfort.

It is a Technical Labor Shoe section specializing in the comfort and well-being of the foot that day to day supports the adversities of the working day.The technical effectiveness of their very good calce woods and the materials employed make this product undoubtedly an Icon in the Labor World and a guarantee for who uses it that it differs from the rest.

Shoe line designed to reduce and solve the problems of professionals who spend many hours standing.

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