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List of products by brand Calzamedi

Calzamedi it is a prestigious brand with more than 15 years of experience in the manufacturing of therapeutic shoes that manufactures all its products always with the most innovative techniques and the materials of best quality, resulting in a comfortable, robust and flexible shoe that will take care of every step of our feet.

In 2003, he was born BY CALZAMIa company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of comfort, therapeutic and custom shoes.

The Philosophy BY CALZAMI it is to improve the quality of life of people who suffer some problem in their feet.

Our goal, your comfort. BY CALZAMI it is synonymous with therapeutic shoe, with proposals for a type of shoe that denotes dynamism and innovation.

The flexibility of ideas of our team always takes into account the needs and market realities, priorities and trends, functionality and aesthetics.

The experience has become a valuable intangible asset with which BY CALZAMI, this important aspect combined with the most current work equipment and tools in the market, make BY CALZAMI a highly effective company.

In such a traditional and complex sector as shoes, the essence and knowledge acquired by several generations of shoe craftsmen should not be lost. BY CALZAMI betting on the transmission of this knowledge and know how to do to the new generations in order to maintain continuity, essential for the company.

BY CALZAMI it has licenses for manufacture of custom shoes as well as for manufacture and distribution of ortopedic and anatomic shoes in series, according to Directive EC 93/42/EEC transformed in Royal Decree 1591/2009, by which the products are regulated in Spain.This license allows Calzamedi providing the service of the Health Product with the CE mark that is the only guarantee that the product meets the strict quality and traceability standards, guaranteeing its customers and patients the quality and safety of the products.

BY CALZAMI obtained its ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) certification in the year 2009, since then it continues with such commitment thanks to the good process management practices and services that the company offers in all its departments from design to marketing.

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