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List of products by brand Mendivil

Therapeutic shoes.

Mendivil it is a company dedicated to foot health through the manufacturing of therapeutic shoes.

It was founded in 1935 as a family business near Bilbao.in 1968 the firm moved to Villena, a city with a powerful shoe industry.In the 1970s, thanks to the close collaboration with the Podological sector, Mendivil it specializes in the manufacturing of ortopedic shoes, and in the 1980s it experiences a great growth in parallel to the great development of ortopedias in Spain.In 1990 it begins its internationalization and in the last 20 years it has incorporated innovative CAD/CAM manufacturing systems and efficient “lean manufacturing” production processes that have allowed to shorten the manufacturing times and customize the product.Thanks to this, we can position it as one of the international reference therapeutic shoe companies.

Mendivil it manufactures different therapeutic shoe lines focused on the prevention and treatment of the pathology of the foot.For this they have the collaboration of the Institute of Biomecanic of Valencia (IBV) for the research and development of specific shoes for each pathology.They also make a continuous evaluation of their products thanks to the analysis of the main shoe components performed by INESCOP, resulting in products of innovation and quality.

In application of the different European Directives on health products, they have adapted their facilities to the new regulations, applying strict quality and traceability controls, offering health professionals and their patients therapeutic shoes with all guarantees.

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