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List of products by brand ESSENTIAL SHOES

Essential Shoes is a shoe that brings together all the comfort measures for the feet of our patients.It is intended to help relieve certain problems such as juanets, fingers in garra, fingers in martel, metatarsal overloads, etc., so this shoe can be a product for starting a treatment with or without plantary ortesis.Its main characteristics are:

Plants with Lavender

Good adjustment

It favors the propulsive period

Good distribution of charges


First quality

Facilitates digital deployment


His shoe tradition is a plus of quality.Good shoes, high quality materials, precision manufacturing work.They have studied the needs of different collectives (diabetics, sanitary, sensitive feet, etc.) to select almost all the shoe models needed to cover the greatest number of therapeutic needs.

They have also developed a solution that adds shoes and cosmetics.Shoes designed to remove the pressure in the areas most susceptible to pain and provide well-being, comfort, protection and comfort at the foot.In addition, they add cosmetic treatment specialized in the care and hygiene of the feet, based on plant active principles in organic microcapsules.The ecological microcapsules release the vegetable extracts of the Mediterranean medicinal plants to the interior by contacting the skin, exercising a beneficial effect.

It also includes approved models for use in vegan customers.A new innovation in the market of comfortable and therapeutic shoes

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