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List of products by brand Podoortosis



40 years of history in the PODO-ORTOSIS company, serving the world of ortopedia and podology.

The Orthosis founded in 1978, it began its activity dedicated in its entirety to the world of technical ortopedy.

 Our evolution has been symmetrical to the technical advances.These, have gone incorporating into our production center, through the decades passed with dedication and research, to alcan products that meet the function efficiently and facilitate the professional and patient a good result and improvement in the health of the pee.

 Offering and giving solutions to the ortopedian professional for their patients.

Always working with domestic products, and exporting to the world.

Our range of products evolved over the years, achieving an ortopedic shoe with design, modern and built on the basis of health foundations.

As a manufacturer of healthcare products with a license 712PS.

We want to thank all our customers and patients for the confidence demonstrated over these 40 years.

We continue to work to get healthy feet.

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