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List of products by brand CalzaFarma

Our experience advances us as one of the best manufacturers of extra comfortable shoes, with features that make them really special and that we are sure that once you have tried them you won’t want to wear another shoe other than Calzafarma.

All products in our catalogue are prepared with mimo and the artisanal formthe hand-cutting and careful selection of skin used for cuts and fores, united to the various floors employed in our shoes, consigu a subjection, flexibility and softness difficult to overcome.


The templates that incorporate our shoes are of a new and revolutionary very transpirable insulating material which evaporates moisture and eliminates bad odor, perfectly adapt to the foot anatomy, go forged in the skin and are completely washable.

The hormas on which we make our shoes are thoroughly studied by our technical team so that, together with an original design in its shapes, they have the necessary structure and volume and do not harm or create any discomfort on the feet.

For all these reasons and many more, we’re sure we don’t be wrong saying that we’re making the best shoes for your feet, and that Calzafarma is the brand you’ll try and that you’ll not forget.

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