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If you have seen our website, you will understand that we do not work for the general public, that we focus on providing solutions to those people who have difficulty finding comfortable and suitable shoes for their ailments. We know how difficult it is for any entrepreneur to start a business and make it viable. We are also aware of the new trends in e-commerce. The perfect combination for our type of business is the online commerce and the physical store so we are looking for someone who is still daring and wants to launch from the hand of a business that already works and give you the necessary stability and support.

Our philosophy is to find the right idea at the right time, and this is the moment.

Necessity sharpens the wits, and we're experts at sharpening the wits, so the rest is up to you.

We have the viable, exclusive, branded business formula that we work on every day.

If you are thinking of starting a business in your area, have a business and want to make the most of it in addition to growing personally and professionally, you have come to the right place. It is also possible that you already own a shoe store but are at a standstill and cannot see the future clearly.

Whatever your situation, if you want to be part of our family, have exclusive advantages, area exclusivity and help in all the most expensive part of the project, being yourself your own boss and no royalties costs, find out.

We offer you advice and training to have your own specialized shoe shop in collaboration with Special Footwear S.L.