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List of products by brand mabel shoes


Mabel Shoes is defined as a young company with extensive experience in the manufacturing of special shoes for children or adults.They manufacture, on the one hand, special shoes for children, which offers the possibility of incorporating templates and all kinds of corrective horms such as neutral, anti-varus, and horms to introduce the type anti-equino ortesis.On the other hand, they also create high quality lady and gentleman shoes.

All your products are designed to meet one purpose: to improve the comfort of your shoes to relieve the feet of your customers.Thus, they use materials of maximum quality, in addition to adapting the most current and innovative designs to their shoes.

For them, their customers are their source of inspiration, as they learn and improve their products with the aim of developing future models that greaterly meet their goals.

To us, https://calzadoparapiesespeciales.es/gb/ (as a shopping platform and store that offers the largest specific catalogue for people with special needs when finding shoes), the Spanish company Mabel Shoes, offers us a wide catalogue of shoes that can be adapted to the hardest feet.We could say, that where there are almost no possibilities, Mabel Shoes offers us shoes, of a very difficult quality to overcome.The smoothness that their shoes offer, as well as the perfection in their finishes and their inexistent or imperceptible costumes, allow to shoe with guarantee the most delicate feet.
Evidently, Mabel Shoes becomes an essential brand for us.
By Pedro Fernández Cabana

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