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List of products by brand Dian

DianSymbol of Comfort, Design and Health

BY DIAN it is one the leading company in the manufacturing sector of work shoesespecially those related to shoes of type healthcareof security and of hostelThe.With over 30 years of experience, Dian he managed to alcan excellent product qualitythis makes life easier for the worker.

The comfort and the comfort in the workplace are the main objectives of DIAN, without forgetting the security risk work and the adaptability different anatomy.Dian offers solutions for everyone.

After 30 years of experienceresearch and progress, the work shoe signature has developed a variety of work shoes that presents an excellent quality, achieving to make during all this time the life easier to the worker.

The functionality and the health these are the two basic aspects that DIAN takes into account in the manufacturing of its work shoe.A brand specializing in health shoes, uniform shoes and safety shoes, takes into account other fundamental issues such as security risk work and the adaptability in the different anatomies of the workers and workers who use the DIAN shoe.Our main task is providing solutions improve the comfort of the worker at work.


In our different product range (Health / Hosting, Uniformity and Safety) we have a type of shoe where comfort, protection and design prima.All this with the aim of avoiding possible accidents and disasters caused by an inadequate shoe.


The finishes, texture, the combination of colors and the shape of the shoe are just some aspects that make the DIAN shoe a unique and quality product.


We use innovation and technology, following the principles and biomechanical standards.This is how we can make a shoe that guarantees complete care of the foot and a proper adaptation.And not just that: our shoe offers the possibility of incorporating ortopedic plantars adapted to each user.

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