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Straight Last


Shoes essential for treatment Pié Plan Grade II (Arc Planning) The valve of retropiece.This level of flat foot is characterized by the fall of the medium longitudinal arc with retropiece valve above the normal limits according to the patient’s age.The corrective effect of this shoe is exercised by its physiological straight hormone with tortion according to the anteroposterior axis.which produces a supination of the retropiece with respect to the ancestor (helicoidal hormone.This suppression contrasts the tendency to the valve of the calcano and favors the firm subjection exercised by the contrafourte on the leg.The angle of tortion between the front and rear part of the horm, allows the accommodation of the basic supinator coat of the retropiece.In this way, the tail and the soil support on the same march plan, while inside the base of the tail is inclined in supinating action.

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